Thursday, 18 May 2017

Alumina the Most Ubiquitous Commodity Metal of Modern Society

Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide is the most well-known material commonly used as ceramic beads. It has been used in the electric insulation for over decades. Its high resistance and strength against corrosion have made the material widely popular in industries.
It is a well-balanced substance that has durable parts, making it ideal for various sectors, where there are high-temperatures just like furnaces. Alumina is pale white in color. It is commercially available in the form of hard and large sized balls.
Depending upon its application Alumina can be imparted with any desired shape and form. The color and hardness of Alumina can be managed by adding additional elements to the basic structure of Alumina. One of the most common applications of Alumina is in the form of grinding media.
Due to its extreme hardness property Alumina is used in the form of crushing agents for cement, paints, powder, pharmaceuticals, etc.
It’s Existence
The compound Alumina is produced from Bauxite, which is a rock (formless clayey) mainly found in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the globe, such as India, Australia, Surinam, Jamaica, Brazil and Guinea.
To extract alumina from Bauxite, the bauxite needs to be heated with caustic soda in an autoclave. The last and final production is done through "Hall-Heroult".

Alumina:  A Wise Investment
With its cheap production, versatility and recycling costs, it is likely that we will see aluminum usage in our homes and industries for many years to come.
As the international stock market grows and per-capita income rises, demand for industrial commodities like alumina will remain higher. Therefore if you want to earn a lot from stock markets you should invest in alumina commodity.


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